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Improved Plastic Routing Processes


The best plastic router bits and plastic drill bits for mechanical plastics allow the parts to be machined in conventional milling methods, but they eliminate the problem of multiple passes and the aid of coolant. With a well maintained chip load of between .004 and .012, it is easy to achieve these results. The increased feed rates associated with heavier chip loads of CNC plastic milling machines increase productivity and decreases heat, which actually eliminates the need for coolant. This allows machining shops to save time and money on supplies and manpower, and also saves time spent in the process.

The accuracy of CNC plastic routing machines combined with the hard fixturing of mechanical or clamping apparatuses makes the plastic routers bits' geometry more effectiveness. This allows plastic machining shops to produce higher quality parts in a shorter period of time. The plastic machining shops that have started to use these types of plastic routers bits have been able to increase their output by a full 40 or even 50 percent.

They have also been able to reduce the secondary operations, such as de-burring, which are necessary as a result of les efficient machines.
More and more shops are using mechanical plastics, so it is more than likely that there will be an increase in the use of these free cutting plastic routers bits in the future. The improvements that they make in the plastic machining process, such as shortening the cycle times and improving the quality of the parts produced, allow shops to find greater success. There should always be a look towards the future of the plastic machining process, and how it can be improved. Plastic routers bits and tools that are designed specifically for the process of machining mechanical plastics is a fine example of such an improvement.


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