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Onsrud Cutter Is The Source For Acrylic Drilling And Routing


Onsrud Cutter manufactures products for drilling, routing and cutting a variety of materials, such as acrylics, which are a very popular thermoplastic. Plastic drill bits are commonly used for machining acrylics, because they have so many desirable properties and can be processed in several different ways that are convenient for the user. Carbon graphite drill bits are commonly used for acrylics, which are easy to find on the company's web site. Acrylics can be transparent, opaque or colored depending upon usage and can vary from thin sheet to thick solid surface materials, so they require different tools to cut them.

The team at Onsrud Cutter knows that the machining of acrylics can be easy or it can be very hard, because they can be brittle and prone to chipping or cratering if they are not machined properly. If the carbon graphite drill bits are to be successful, though, one must consider the optimum feed and speed in the acrylic machining process. If plastic drill bits that are used with a slow feed rate or a spindle with a high RPM, there are many unwanted side effects which can occur. The cut chips might re-weld or scratch the piece, or the part might give off a chalky or white finish.

Plastic drill bits are often used hand held machines for machining acrylics, such as with an acrylic countertop where the machine is used right where the countertop is installed. Solid surface materials can be machined with solid carbon graphite drill bits for straight cuts or with carbide tipped tools for profiling or straight cuts. CNC machines are being used increasingly more often, as well, which use computer guided components to cut and shape the acrylics to perfection. All of these types of tools can be found through Onsrud Cutter, whether you need to drill or rout acrylic or any other material.


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