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Plastic Routing Tools Are Better Than Ever


Plastic machining tools are better than ever; in fact, the machines that are available today have the traversing capabilities that are three times faster, while also providing greater rigidity. Plastic routing machines have been able to provide this enhanced performance as a result of multiple advancements in the industry, such as ceramic bearings and HSK tool holders. The materials that are used for plastic machining are also better able to resist crazing, scratching, and breakage, and they even come in a wider range of colors, sizes and formulations.

Thanks to these enhancements in plastic routing tools, materials and processes, users can see noticeable improvements in surface finishes, tool life and feed rates. At the same time, the plastic machining tools cause less induced stresses on the cut parts as a result of better materials and engineered geometries. With this improved technology, however, comes a greater abundance of tooling choices. In order to find the right plastic routing tools for the job, one must consider the desired result and the specific material that is being used.

There is such a wide array of plastic machining tools because the process has become so specialized over time, but it’s possible to find the right tooling for a particular job by looking at published resources or talking to vendor representatives. Published resources on plastic routing might come in the form of recommendations from material suppliers, empirical test data, or vendor catalogs with tool selection cross references. One can also learn quite a bit about plastic machining by talking to experienced vendor representatives or applications engineers. These people have a wealth of knowledge about plastic routing and similar applications, as well as the common pitfalls to avoid.

With technology improvements an increase in choices and confusion inevitably comes along with it, but with a little help from the experts it’s easy to see the best plastic results every time.



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