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Remember The Basics Of Programming Router Bits


Successful use of router bits depends on many different factors, such as the material being used, the machine rigidity, the fixturing, and the choice of tooling. After choosing wood router bits for a wood cutting job, though, the final step is programming the part path. Whether they are carbon graphite router bits or diamond bits, it is extremely important to focus on the basics of programming to ensure that all the work in choosing a good tool and setting everything up properly is not lost.

The cutting direction is particularly important for wood router bits, and it is almost always better to use the conventional cut or climb cut side in order to provide the best finish. Deciding which cutting direction to use with your router bits often requires some trial and error, though, to compare both the finished part and the scrap for edge quality. So when you purchase some new carbon graphite router bits and you find that the scrap is better, reverse the cut direction.

The chip loads of various wood router bits are also very important, which refers to the size of the chip being formed during the cutting process. The chip load produced by various router bits is the result of the number of cutting edges, the spindle RPM and the feed rate. Carbon graphite router bits are more likely to work best at a very specific chip load, but they can perform considerably shoddier even at a few .001 inches from the optimum value.

Other programming considerations for router bits are the cutter entry and the scrap. You always want to ramp or helically plunge into a scrap area and rout to the part edge, and minimize the amount of unsecured scrap and thin wall scrap that is present. These are basic considerations, but failure to take these factors into account could lead to a poor finished product.


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