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LMT Onsrud LP General Conditions of Sale




Prices & Terms - All prices and terms are subject to change without notice. All orders are subject to acceptance at Onsrud Cutter.


GUARANTEE - Our products are guaranteed against defects in material and quality of manufacture when used in the proper manner. Current Onsrud Cutter catalogs and publications identify proper usage and routing procedures. Our technical support staff will assist in further problem identification and make a determination of the best course of action. If tools are returned and found to be defective, we will repair or replace the tools. Continued tool breakage caused by improper tool usage without the knowledge of Onsrud Cutter’s technical staff is not a condition for return and replacement of such tools.


RETURN GOODS POLICY - LMT Onsrud LP will accept returned goods only under the following conditions:


a. The tool is a current catalog item in new and saleable condition. Cutting tools that have been re-sharpened or modified in any way are not returnable under any circumstances.

b. Written consent has been granted by LMT Onsrud LP. A RGA number will be issued and should be visible on the exterior of the returned package. The tools are to be packed carefully.

c. Transportation charges must be prepaid.

d. A 15% restocking charge, or two for one (2 for 1) offsetting order, will be applied on all merchandise ordered in error or returned for credit. This also applies to multiple back orders. It is the sole responsibility of the distributor to cancel unwanted back order items.

e. Tools returned for inventory adjustment:

1. Must have been purchased within the last 12 month period and be made to the latest OC print revision level.

2. Must be accompanied by a one for one (1 for 1) offsetting order.

f. Credit on returned goods will be based on original invoice less re-stocking charges, if applicable. If original invoice is unobtainable, credit will be based on lowest current promotional prices. To ensure proper accounting, do not reduce another invoice amount before you have received in writing a credit notice.


CANCELLATION - Standard tool orders may be cancelled without charge prior to shipment. Orders cancelled after shipment will be subject to a 15% restocking charge and all shipping charges. Custom tool orders cancelled will be assessed an in-process charge based on the status of the order and expenses incurred by LMT Onsrud LP at the time of cancellation. If custom tool has been completed, the tool will be shipped and the price quoted will be billed.



NOTE - Return of Onsrud Cutter products under conditions other than those described previously, or without specific authorization, will not be credited.



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