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Router Bits Maintenance


Just as with any other cutting tools, router bits must be kept in good shape to ensure their long life and high-quality results. The most obvious way to keep your favorite router bits in good shape is to only do small amounts of cutting at a time, which avoids overheating and lengthens the bit's life. And if you have many different custom router bits to choose from, always use the shortest and widest for the specific job, which also avoids chattering.

Any cutting tools should be kept clean, first and foremost, and router bits should especially be kept free from pitch. Custom router bits will deteriorate much more quickly if the pitch and tar are not removed on a regular basis. There is commercial cleaner for router bits, but a good piece of scrap wood should also work.

The different parts of your custom router bits, whether they are high speed steel or carbide, must also be carefully maintained. Router bits should only be used for the materials they were intended to be used with, and they should be cleaned and stored in a safe place immediately following the job. This will ensure a good return on your investment and provide the best results from every project. 


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