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Solutions To Plastic Machining Problems


There are always solutions to any plastic routing problems that people encounter, if they know where to go for answers. Some people may want to know the correct plastic routers bits to use for different jobs, and what causes certain problems that they encounter when using the tools. Plastic machining professionals are never alone, though; there are always experts that have answers to any questions they might have.

Small production shops often want to know which plastic routers bits and tools that they should use to be able to perform many different jobs, because they don't have the resources to have a huge variety of costly tools. Solid carbide slow helix or straight O flute plastic machining tools are usually a good solution to this problem, because they cut through a wide range of thermoplastic materials. Different types of plastic routers bits and tools should be used for cutting fiberglass reinforced parts with both CNC and air routers, however, such as standard solid carbide FGR tools. Plastic routing parts for CNC procedures are best when used with chip breaker-type solid carbide tools. Hand plastic machining, on the other hand, is best when done with straight flute carbide tipped tools. Even with the right tools, there are problems that people encounter during the plastic machining process, such as when small parts move when they are cut from vacuum drawn sheet goods.

To solve this problem, one should reduce the cutter diameter to the same thickness as the material that is being cut, and use straight or slow helix down-cut O flute solid carbide plastic machining tools. Another common problem is a poor finish on plastic window and door parts cut on a machine that is designed specifically for this purpose. There is also a solution to this problem, with the use of single or double edged solid carbide straight O flute tools. Any plastic routing problems that people have, there is sure to be a solution if they are willing to ask the professionals.


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