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Spoil Boards for Plastic and Composite Routers


Whether you are doing plastic routing, working with composite routers or using any kind of custom router bits, you will need a good spoil board to ensure that the parts are all held together and performing properly. Most plastic routing machines and similar cutting tools use CNC technology, or Computer Numerical Controlled machines, which offer high spindle speeds, high feed rates and a tremendous amount of work in cycle times. The spoil board is often ignored, however, despite the great importance of these tooling accessories.

There are many different types of spoil boards that can be used for plastic routing machines and other cutting tools. Plastic and composite routers have historically used the dedicated or discreet spoil board system to machine individual parts held by a gasketed vacuum system, but this process is now often ignored in the interest of time. When custom router bits are used in high speed applications, however, it is not only important to have a spoil board but to have one that will stand up to the challenges. MDF or particleboard, for example, will not rise to the challenge.

Choosing the right material for a plastic routing spoil board is the first consideration, especially the gasketing material. Whether you are using composite routers or any other type of cutting tools, the material should be quality closed cell foam, which has the ability to return to its original form repeatedly under rigorous machining conditions. The spoil board will also need to have an established outside perimeter, which can be accomplished by routing a channel.

There are other types of spoil boards that can be used for high speed applications of custom router bits, composite routers and other cutting tools that are also very effective. In any case, it is important to make sure they are constructed with high quality materials and techniques to produce quality parts on a consistent basis. This is one of the basics of composite and plastic routing.


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