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Transitioning To Plastic Routing


Many companies that have traditionally used cutting tools for wood or metal are forced to transition to plastic routing. In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, it is necessary to consider some periphery factors. Plastic routers bits differ quite a bit from any of the wood or metal cutting tools, and the machinery operates differently. The materials will also react differently to the plastic routing process, and there will be costs associated with the transition.

Here are some important factors to consider when transitioning to plastic routing:

* Preparation of plastic routers bits and plastic routing machine

* Collets

* Runout

* Vacuum

* Dust Collection

* Coolant.

Preparing and maintaining the new plastic routing machinery is very important, which can be easily accomplished by following all manufacturers' instructions. All collets and collet mating surfaces should be examined and cleaned regularly, too. Well-used plastic routing collets should be considered for replacement even if they are not showing obvious signs of wear. The spindle, spindle mount and colleting system should also be checked for the amount of total indicator run-out. Plastic routing vacuum systems should be evaluated for their ability to hold small or thin parts during regular maintenance, as well.

The role of the vacuum and dust collector should be carefully evaluated for each plastic routing job, too, in order to make sure there is not too much or too little dust collection. The coolant portion of these cutting tools is also very important in the maintenance process. There are mist, liquid and air coolant systems in plastic routing machines. Maintaining all of these operating systems should ensure the long life of all plastic cutting tools and plastic routers bits, and having as much information will ensure a smooth transition from previous cutting systems.


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