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Types Of Cutting Tools


Cutting tools have been used in metal machine shops since the late 19th century and manufacturers are continuing to evolve these mechanisms to become more efficient within the industry. What started off as tools that were tedious and strenuous to use, now have advanced themselves to high tech instruments that can be found in every tool box and machine shop. Cutting tools become into contact with the raw material, cutes, removes debris and chips from the material and helps to create the end piece. Cutting tools started off as tools made from high carbon steel, to high speed steel, cobalt, carbide and even diamond and ceramic.


In order for cutting tools to work effectively, the tool must be made of a material harder than the material it is going to cut through. A few types of cutting tools include: broach, a metal working tool with chisel points mounted on a piece of steal; endmill, a tool used in industrial milling applications; reamers make existing holes dimensionally more accurate and improves the finish of the surface material in metalworking; drill bits, which are used to create cylindrical holes by rotation; countersink, a tool used to make a conical hole; diamond blade, which is often found as a circular saw blade used for cutting hard materials; and diamond tools, which contains diamond segments that help to cut through non-ferrous materials, or metal materials containing no iron. These cutting tools can cut through wood, plastic, composite and metal, depending on what tool you’re using and what size and shape of hole you desire.


For the best selection of cutting tools, do some online research to find reliable high-speed steel, carbide tipped, solid carbide and diamond related cutting tools. The online supplier should have a vast variety of products and be able to provide you with any information about the cutting process.


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