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Types Of Drill Bits


Drill bits have a number of features and people oftentimes get confused about which type of drill to use. Drill bits are used for making cylindrical holes in various wood and metal materials. The drill bit has a gripping on one end and is pressed against the desired material and rotated at speed. The tip of the drill bit cuts into the material and slices off thin shavings or grinds off small particles creating a hole in its place.


Drill bits can come in different sizes and shapes, depending on what hole you’re trying to make. Twist drill bits is the most popular and drills hopes in metal, plastic and wood. Central drill bits are used in metalworking to make a starting hole for a larger-sized drill bit. A core drill bit us used to enlarge an existing hole. An ejector drill bit is used for deep hole drilling of medium to large holes.


Depending on what material you’re using of what size hole you’re seeking, there are different types of drills possible that can be used. A hammer drill is similar to an electric drill and is provided with a hammer action for drilling masonry. A rotary hammer drill is electric and drills holes in masonry. A cordless drill is electric and uses rechargeable batteries for power. A drill press is a fixed drill that can be mounted on a stand or bolted to a floor or work bench. This drill is usually run by an induction motor and the head has a set of handles that when turned, move the drill spindle vertically. A geared head drill is almost identical to a drill press, but are sturdier, have a power feed and safety interlocks. A radial arm drill is a geared head drill that can be moved away from its column and are used for larger projects. A mill drill combines the features of a milling and drilling machine and is the latest in the market.


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