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Working With Wood Router Bits


Using the wood router bits will depend on the type of project you are making and the type of router being used. You have to go through the process carefully to ensure accuracy of your product. Once the design is ready, you place the material on the main table of the machine and line it up to the wood router bits. It is important to make sure that your material is secured to the table. You don't want it to stick anywhere, but you also do not want it flying through the air as your wood router bits cut through the material.

There should be a dust hood or hose that collects chips and debris at the point of routing. In addition to keeping your work area clean, they also prevent harmful materials from getting into the air. Safety is extremely important when working with wood router bits. Most routers have guards that protect your hands when working with wood router bits. This allows you to reduce the risk of injury when feeding material to be cut. Emergency stops are also strategically placed around the machine. You can hit these at any time to completely shut the router down. To keep the wood router bits from hurting you, make sure that they are securely set in the router so that you can prevent any unexpected flying objects from being strewn about. It is also a good idea to heavy-duty gloves when handling the machine to protect yourself from any jagged edges and sharp wood router bits from injuring you.


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