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Working With Wood Router Bits VS Metal


Wood router bits are often easier to use than their metal counterparts, because wood is so much softer than most metal materials. When using wood carving drill bits and other cutting tools, it is not necessary to use cutting fluids, unlike metal. When using wood boring drill bits and router bits, however, there are still some major factors to consider that affect the success of the drilling or routing procedure.

The main issue with wood boring drill bits is making sure that clean entry and exit holes are provided. It is also very important to prevent burning when using wood carving drill bits, which would obviously be a problem when working with wood. In order to avoid burning, one must use sharp wood carving drill bits and set the machine to the most appropriate cutting speed. Wood carving drill bits can also tear out chips of wood around the top and bottom of the hole if done imprecisely, which is obviously undesirable in fine woodworking applications.

The wood boring drill bits that are used in woodworking shops are usually quite different from the standard twist bits that are common in metalworking, because these tend to chip wood out at the entry and exit of the hole. There are also wood boring drill bits for fast cutting, which is particularly helpful for several professional settings, including self-feeding wood auger drill bits.
Many types of specialized wood router bits have been developed for cutting the cleanest holes and lines in wood, as well, and the user can also take extra care to avoid uneven lines. Chipping on exit can be minimized by using a piece of wood as backing behind the work piece, for example, and the same technique is sometimes used to keep the hole neat. Holes are easier to start in wood than metal, as the wood carving drill bits can be accurately positioned more easily, but that does not mean this material is by any means easy to work with.



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