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Composite Drill Bits

Composite Bit by Onsrud Cutter 



Composites Cutting Tools

Composite Routers

LMT Onsrud LP makes solid carbide routing tools designed specifically for machining fiberglass, CFRP, aramid and other composite materials, at its modern cutting tool manufacturing and customer service facility in suburban Chicago. Our composite router offerings begin with solid Carbide Burrs featuring the familiar pattern of cross-hatched, diamond-shaped teeth. These tools are available with end mill or drill points.

We also make fluted solid carbide burrs for machining composites. Some of our fluted burrs are designed specifically for difficult-to-cut materials such as aramid fiber composites and phenolics. Most of our fluted carbide routers are available with diamond coatings for extended life in CNC machining operations.

Our solid carbide Compression Mills for Composites feature upcut and downcut spiral flutes that compress the composite material being machined to prevent delamination. The cutting edges of our compression mills have a high positive rake, providing a quick, clean shearing action that keeps heat to a minimum and prevents resin burn. These tools are also available with a diamond film coating for extended tool life.

Take Advantage of Our Expertise

Using metal cutting tools to machine today’s highly abrasive composite materials can be costly in terms of tool wear and damage to workpieces. Onsrud makes an extensive line of cutting tools expressly designed for today’s difficult-to-machine, space-age materials. If the tools you are currently using are falling short in terms of performance, let us show you how our tools can improve your machining operations. Chances are that one or more tools from our extensive inventory will be ideally suited to your requirements. If not, we’ll be happy to design a tool tailored to your job’s precise needs.



Reduced Weight Hoggers

Reduced Weight Hoggers -

Our new and improved honeycomb hoggers reduce flagging while improving their performance on 3 or 5 axis machines.


Aircraft Panel Tools

Aircraft Panel Tools - 34-000 Series

This modular cutter is designed to produce slots in composite panels so potting compound can be applied to strengthen the edges.


Hollowcore Cutter

Hollowcore Cutter - 29-000 Series

These specialized cutters are designed to vertically cut honeycomb cells and produce a clean, flag free edge.


HCC Blade with Teeth

HCC Blade with Teeth - 31-100 Series

The small diameter honeycomb cutters were designed to offer the flexibility of cutting small slots or pockets in honeycomb core.


Burr - 67-00 Series

Burr - 67-000 Series

The upcut/downcut diamond design effectively shears fibrous materials.


Un-Ruffer - 67-400 Series

Un-Ruffer - 67-400 Series

This unique design allows for the cutting performance of a burr while achieving a good surface finish.


Carbon Graphite Cutter

Carbon Graphite Cutter - 67-500 Series

The geometry of these tools increases the amount to effective cutting flutes resulting in superior performance over a standard burr.


Phenolic Cutter

Phenolic Cutter - 67-200 Series

The free cutting action of these tools provides for better part finishes and lower noise levels.


PCD Tipped Tool

PCD Tipped Tool - 68-000 Series

Designed for use in abrasive materials where cut quality and tool life are important.


PCD Rougher

PCD Rougher - 68-200 Series

The unique cutting geometry reduces cutting forces resulting in longer tool life, higher feed rates, and reduced noise.



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