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Cutting Tool Sharpening -The Cheaper Alternative To Buying New Tools


When your cutting tools are starting to get too dull to perform the jobs they are intended for, it can become too dangerous to be used anymore. For example, a wood router bit that has gone dull may not cut the wood properly and bind up in the material. This could cause the tool your router to break and injure your operator. This is a hazard that shouldn’t be allowed, especially when this can be prevented simply by sharpening your routing bits.


Cutting tool sharpening can be done on the premises or shipped out to a firm that specializes it this service. The reason that cutting tool sharpening is so popular is because it is cheaper than reconditioning the cutting tool.

Machines for cutting tool sharpening are relatively inexpensive and will make a useful addition to a machine shop that does a lot of simple parts where tolerances are high and sharpening cutting tools is more economical than reconditioning. When you are sharpening cutting tools on a daily basis because you have a large amount of cutting tools that would need to be sharpened, such as wood drill bits or wood router bits, it would be more productive to train a worker to do your sharpening for you than shipping the cutting tools to a specialty shop.


Cutting tool sharpening is a fairly simple and rather straightforward operation for many cutters. Simply line up the cutter at the proper angle and grind off a small portion to regain the sharp edge the cutting tool had when you purchased it. Cutting tool sharpening machines are small in comparison to other types of machining equipment and won’t too much space in your workshop. When you compare the price of buying a cutting tool sharpener once to the multiple trips to a hardware store replacing your cutting tools would cost, you see that in the long run, you’re not just saving money; you’re saving time as well.



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