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Diamond Drill Bits





LMT Onsrud Products - Diamond Drills


LMT Onsrud LP makes Diamond Drill Bits, HSS Drill Bits and solid carbide drills that meet the most demanding whole size. Our tooling satisfies the industry finish requirements in the drilling of man-made woods, composite materials, metals and plastics. Made in Onsrud is suburban Chicago manufacturing and customer service facility, our drill bits incorporate the most effective combinations of tool material, tool design and tool coating to provide exceptional performance with long tool life.

HSS Drill Bits and Carbide Drill Bits


Onsrud offers a full line of high speed steel (HSS) and solid carbide drill bits for drilling composites, plastics, titanium, aluminum and other nonferrous metals. Our HSS Drill Bits are specifically designed for drilling hard and soft plastics because they have a special point geometry that provides gradual penetration into the material for faster, cleaner holes with no chip wrapping around the tool body

Our 8-Facet carbide drills (four cutting edges with two facets per edge), designed for drilling carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP), fiberglass and other composite materials and plastics, offer precision hole-making with long tool life. The 8-Facet drill bits eliminate many of the problems that arise when conventional drill bits are used for drilling these materials.

Diamond Drill Bits

Onsrud’s polycrystalline diamond (PCD) 8-Facet drill bit offers longer tool life for production drilling applications where downtime for tool changes is a concern. We also offer nano-crystalline diamond-film-coated drill bits in addition to PCD-tipped drills.

Take Advantage of Our Expertise

Using yesterday’s cutting tools to machine today’s space-age materials can be costly in terms of worn and broken tools and damaged work pieces. Onsrud makes an extensive line of drill bits designed to produce clean, defect-free holes in today’s difficult-to-machine materials. If the drills you are currently using are falling a bit short in terms of acceptable performance, let us show you how our drill bits can improve your hole-making operations. Chances are that one or more drills from our extensive inventory will be ideally suited to your requirements. If not, we’ll be happy to design a drill bit tailored to the precise needs of your job.


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