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Metal Drill Bits

Metal Router Bit by Onsrud 

PCD Cutting Tools - Metal Cutting Tools

LMT Onsrud LP makes integral-shank Metal Cutting Tools at its suburban Chicago tool manufacturing and customer service facility, for firms ranging from small machine shops to large manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, medical and other industries. Our metal cutting tools are the product of innovative design, the finest raw materials and coatings, and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and equipment. Choose from our large inventory of standard tool types, sizes and styles, or take advantage of our ability to design and build a tool tailored to your specific job requirements.

End Mills

Onsrud offers a line of solid carbide, 4-flute, roughing end mills and 6-, 8- and 10-flute finishing end mills, designed primarily for deep pocket milling of titanium, stainless steel, Hastalloy, Inconel and other difficult-to-machine exotic metals. Our roughing end mills are optimized for high metal removal rates and incorporate a variable flute indexing feature that reduces chatter. Our finishers produce accurate parts with superior surface finishes that meet, or exceed, demanding aerospace specifications. These exotic metal end mills are available with an AlTiN coating.

Newest addition to our line of exotic metal end mills is a solid carbide 5-flute end mill that permits higher feed rates for slotting, profiling and semi-finishing operations in titanium, stainless and other exotics. It is made from nanograin, high-transverse-rupture-strength carbide for long life in demanding applications and incorporates the variable flute indexing feature. The line comes in a large range of corner radii and neck and flute lengths.

For cutting aluminum, Onsrud offers solid carbide 2- and 3-flute end mills in standard, medium, long and extra-long lengths. Our Aluminum End Mills are available in an extensive range of corner radii and neck and flute lengths and are available in through-coolant versions.

Routing Tools

Onsrud is a leading supplier of small-diameter, high-rpm routing tools used on CNC routers, milling machines and machining centers for the machining of aluminum stacked sheet, plate and extrusions. Our newest offering is a solid carbide O-flute routing tool designed expressly for optimal cutting of soft aluminum alloys, such as 3003. Its large, open flute design allows the chip to be thrown clear of the cutting zone. The large rake angle of the tool's cutting edge gives it a more pronounced shearing action that reduces the amount of cutting heat generated.

Our single-flute Spiral O-flute for Aluminum routing tool is available in upcut and downcut versions. The tool can be ordered with a ZrN coating that prevents build-up of aluminum on the cutting edge and the flute so that the tool runs cooler, stays sharper longer and lasts longer.

Take Advantage of Our Expertise

If your current metal cutting tools aren't cutting it, we can help. Our experienced tool application experts can recommend the tools that will give you the combination of performance and cost effectiveness you need to improve your machining operations.

Most Popular Metal Cutting Tools & Bits


Single Flute Spiral O

Single Flute Spiral O - 62-600 63-600 Series

High speed cutters for machining aluminum sheet and block materials. These tools are optimized for use on high speed CNC mills or routers.




Single Flute Straight - 
61-000 Series

Single Flute Straight - 61-000 Series

Designed to combine the fast free cutting of O flute geometry with the tool life available from solid carbide.

Aluminum Milling Cutters - 
AMC Series

Aluminum Milling Cutters - AMC Series

Solid Carbide 2 & 3 flute tools capable of achieving high metal removal rates in aluminum. This line also offers the large selection of corner radiuses.


Stainless Tools - 83-300 

Stainless Tools - 83-300 Series

Designed to cut stainless steel sheet on CNC routers while achieving good edge finishes and good tool life.

Exotic Metal Tools - EMC 

Exotic Metal Tools - EMC Series

This product offering is designed to cut exotic metals and the tools are available in rougher or finisher styles. This line offers the industry's largest selection of corner radii, neck, and flute lengths.




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