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Onsrud's HSS plastic drill bits are designed to produce clean, defect-free holes in hard and soft plastics without edge-chipping or chip wrapping. The drill's point is ground at a 60-degree angle for gradual penetration into the material. A 0-degree rake angle on the cutting edge eliminates grabbing as the drill exits the hole, producing a clean hole. Our HSS plastic drills are available in fractional, wire, letter and metric sizes. Custom sizes can be made on request.


Most Popular Plastic Drilling Tools


LMT Onsrud Plastic Drill

Plastic Drill - 70-500 Series


Designed to produce holes in soft or hard plastics while eliminating edge chipping and chip wrapping.

LMT Onsrud 8 Facet Drill

8 Facet Drill - 67-800 Series


The 8 facet drill produces a clean, smooth hole in mechanical plastics. Our 8-Facet carbide drills (four cutting edges with two facets per edge), designed for drilling plastics, carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP), fiberglass and other composite materials, deliver precision hole-making with long tool life. The 8-Facet drill bits eliminate many of the problems that arise when conventional drill bits are used for drilling these materials.



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