LMT Onsrud Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Waukegan, IL. – LMT Onsrud LP is celebrating seventy-five years of manufacturing cutting tool innovations.

On February 18th, 1946 the Onsrud Cutter Manufacturing Company was incorporated in Libertyville, IL by its three founding members, R.E. Onsrud, Hjordis Krabol and Eric Olson, with an initial product offering including HSS router bits, milling cutters and carbide tipped tooling. Many of these products were first marketed to the industrial woodworking and furniture industry.

Over the course of the next seventy-five years the Onsrud Cutter Manufacturing Company would grow and evolve into the word-class innovator of cutting tools that is known today as LMT Onsrud. While LMT Onsrud still manufactures tooling for industrial woodworking, its product portfolio of solid carbide tooling is one of the most diverse on the market today. With a reputation for precision products, quick deliveries and technically focused solutions, LMT Onsrud has become an invaluable partner to many industries across the globe.


About LMT Onsrud LP

LMT Onsrud LP is part of the LMT Tools Group. LMT Tools encompasses the manufacturing companies of LMT Belin (France), LMT Fette (Germany), LMT Kieninger (Germany) and LMT Onsrud (USA), including an internationally operating sales organization.

With more than 1,200 employees and a network of specialized partners, LMT Tools offers its customers a comprehensive range of tools and tooling services for the most diverse cutting and non-cutting applications.  LMT Tools products are used by customers within the aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, and general machining industries, and help users maximize productivity, efficiency and performance.